What you need to know about moving

Who Knew?
10 Great Things About Moving


Who knew? What you need to know about moving.   Is all the lifting, hauling and packing of your move squashing the thrill of a fresh start? Totally understandable. But there’s a silver lining to every cardboard box.
Here are 10 reasons to look forward to moving day.

1. You can lose the junk mail. When you fill out your USPS® change-of-address form, it’s easy to check the “do not forward catalogs, etc.” box.

2. You might find that lost earring, shoe, cellphone, etc. Though the cellphone may be too old for today’s tech, the satisfaction of finally discovering what happened to a lost item as you’re packing things up is priceless.

3. You’ll find out who your true friends are. The ones that show up to help you pack and move are keepers.

4. You can pay people to do just about every aspect of moving for you. There are professional services or people on Craigslist looking for odd jobs who will do it all, from cleaning the fridge to boxing your underwear.

5. As you pack, you’ll probably come across things that spark vivid memories. It’s a great time to smile, remember and be grateful.

6. The promise of having one more box you don’t have to unpack later is a powerful motivator for de-cluttering. And, if you can’t let things go, you’ll at least have a better idea of how serious your hoarding issue is.

7. Your new neighbors will have no idea you accidentally backed over your old neighbors’ mailbox.

8. The quiver of excitement and satisfaction that comes with taping shut the very last moving box.

9. Moving is a very good excuse for a cocktail party to empty all your remaining bottles and finish off those condiments in the fridge. Why risk transporting that bottle of fine bourbon?

10. The housewarming party! The best thing about moving, of course, is your new home.

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