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Jupiter Island Florida was originally bought by a group of Englishmen in 1892, with the intention of developing a Pineapple Plantation, however it was never developed as such. In 1911 a bridge was built on the northern end of Jupiter Island allowing easier access. In 1916 a hotel and three cottages were built established as the “Island Inn” a winter colony for northerners. This makes Jupiter Island Real Estate the most unique in the Palm Beach gardens area.

In 1923 the development of Jupiter Island Real Estate began by a company known as the Olympia Improvement Group. In 1925 the land was sold to a group called Picture City. The vision for the new developer was to create an east coast Hollywood. Their intention was to bring movie starts and production companies into the area of Jupiter Island. The process was slow and shortly thereafter the Great Depression began and the plans for further development were abandoned.

In 1934 the land of Jupiter Island was purchased by Joseph V. Reed and a new period of development began. In 1944 with 75 residents Mr. Reed and his wife Pamela formed the Jupiter Island Residents Committee, and some of the land on the north end was given to Martin County for public beaches.

Jupiter Island was throughout the years a favorite winter retreat for many famous industrial and political figures like the Roosevelt’s, Firestone’s, Ford’s Weyerhaeuser’s, Rockefeller’s and Mrs. Prescott Bush.

Golf has a long history on Jupiter Island. A modern 9 hole course was built in 1922, and a second 9 holes were added in 1957.

Although there are 817 residents (according to a 2010 census) Jupiter Island is home to some of the wealthiest people in the United States. Current residents include pro golfers Tiger Woods, Gary Player, and Nick Price, song writer Alan Jackson, and Scripps Research CEO and President Richard Lerner to name a few. Jupiter Island has the 2nd highest per capita income of any inhabited place in the country.

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